Content Solutions for Portals and Publishers
(Magazines and Books)

Q: What are the benefits of commissioning a content solutions company over solo writers?

A: Solo writers are of course a great bet for many projects and many companies today depend on freelance writers for meeting their requirements. It is a fact that freelance writers are equipped enough to take less voluminous assignments. Of course you can hire more writers to meet your requirements, but coordination with different people always consumes time. All writers you find by searching or those who approach you may not be equally efficient or committed, even though they may produced great CV’s and samples.

At a content solutions company, we work as a team, we choose our writers knowing their strengths and weaknesses and we put them into the category that suits them best. Also, if a writer fails to turn up on a particular deadline, we can replace him / her with another, so that our client’s will get an uninterrupted delivery of contents. Clients can also have their choice of writers through us. Our writers are completely in sync with each other which enables us to effectively delegate and organize the tasks at hand. This helps us deliver consistent and timely results.

Q: Can you handle bulk writing assignments?

A: Of course. We are a team of around 50+ writers, which means we are happy to take up large-scale and long-term projects. As we work as a team, we can complete bulk projects.

Q: Can magazines have tie up with content solutions companies like yours?

A: Yes, content is vital for magazines. As there are many competitors in market today, each magazine needs to stand unique and at the same time should attain this cost effectively. Unlike the previous days, investment has to be made more efficiently on marketing. Here comes the need of partnering with a content solutions company, to make the job easy, less time consuming and less costly.

Magazine editors / publishers need the right content at the right time at less effort. More in-house staff means more cost to company. So, editors to a large extent rely on freelancers to get their work done. The editor of a magazine of national appeal will have to rely on freelancers from many states. Dealing with many of course consumes your time as well as increases headaches – low quality, less penetration as well as deadlines. Because, the very nature of freelancing is that a freelancer can quit his work whenever we wants.

V Create has a network of good writers from different states and genres, so that we take you to the right person, without compromising quality. You need only to deal with a single person for all your requirements, who takes the responsibility of providing quality and diverse contents / interviews for you at the right time. All the contents will be passed to you after ensuring the quality and keeping deadlines in mind.

We offer exclusive content and feature solutions to magazines, where you can rely on us for taking care of the entire issue, in discussion with the editor.

Q: What if I am not satisfied and come to know that the content you provide are not original?

A: We follow the highest standards of ethics, honesty and dedication with all our clients. Our clients can speak about us. We are open to quality checks at any time and are willing to refund your fee in full if any part of the text is found not original.

Content Solutions for Business Houses
(Start Ups, SMEs and Corporate)

Q: How you help Business Houses/ Startups and SMEs?

A: Any company or product needs a good write up, brochure, a good website which tells about you in a perfect way. A blog and a social media activation is also mandatory to keep you ahead of search engines. For all these you need to partner with a specialised people. Many companies rely on local advertising agencies or web developers, where there are no professional writers who aware of SEO concepts and at the same time charges you more. Also, for diverse content needs you may have to contact different people. A content / media solutions company like ours provide as a one stop solution for all these requirements.

Q: Why can’t we hire an in-house content writer for our company?

A: Content requirements of companies are so unpredictable in nature- sometimes huge and sometimes less. So, it is a real thrust on the HR ( of small and medium companies) to accommodate the right number of workforce to meet the highly fluctuating requirement. Finding the right person is yet another. So, here comes the need of an outsourced partner, who sitting in their own office delivers you all the requirements with ease. It is moreover a great solution as it cut costs and ensures a professional approach.

Digital Marketing

Q: What’s the benefit for companies while outsourcing Social Media Management?

A: Today’s business promotion requires a good search engine ranking and an active and smart online presence. Online presence does nt mean having a website, because you have many competitors, who will be keenly catching the interests of curious googlers. So many companies today add social media managers to their team. But it is a fact that these are more over a brain work and do not need the physical presence of a staff. Even if there is a dedicated person, he may not be engaged 9-5, and it adds to the company expenses. Some companies entrusts receptionists or admin with an additional responsibility of handling these. But the result will not be fair, as the employee is multi tasking and at the same time not experienced in the field. Half hearted attempts do more harm than good. A company like V Create is a perfect partner here. You can pay us on contractual basis, so no pay when there’s no work.

Q: What kind of Digital Marketing can companies have?

A: Digital Market strategies of companies include a well planned and engaging social media management, blog management as well as article marketing. Article marketing is a kind of PR activity, where companies can get niche articles ( informative articles about their products, services as well as industry ), published in various sites as well as magazines. Article marketing is a very effective marketing strategy for companies offering a wide reach out.

Public Relations (PR)

Q: How start up companies can have a well planned as well as cost effective PR solutions?

A: PR is a very important part of all business (whether you are a start up, an SME or an established business house). Many corporate companies have in house Media Relations person or a Corporate Communications person. But startups or SMEs may not be in a position to accommodate a person for the same as their requirement will be temporary. Also many companies have one time requirements like publicity for an event, a campaign or a new product / service launched. Here comes the need of partnering with a professional PR agency, whom you can approach for activities of any kind.

Q: PR is a part where many startups spend a considerable amount, but at times fails to receive the expected result. How can we tackle this?

A: Yes you are correct. Many companies fail to get the expected result out of their PR activity. This is mainly because of the lack of planned activities. Many PR companies commit some numbers with their clients and wanted to achieve it within the stipulated time frame. In that rush, neither they nor the companies analyse how each activity is going to help them. For example, getting an interview published with a not-so-popular or newly launched print magazine is an easy task. But things like the number of copies published, its circulation, whether it will be uploaded online, are ignored by both PRs and the companies. Such kind of activities never give result for your company.

We at V Create Media, offer customised PR solutions for our clients, based on a planned a discussed model.

Q: How do you charge for PR activities?

A: We have a very flexible and cost effective PR plan for companies. We discuss with our clients and charges are based on the number of activities only. Feel free to drop in a mail mentioning your requirement to info@vcreatemedia.com.

Outsourcing Contents to India

Q: Can overseas companies outsource their content requirements to India?

A: You can outsource a wide variety of content writing projects to India at lower costs. India has a large pool of graduates who speak English and write fluently in English. If you have some queries regarding this, please refer our blog: http://v-createmedia.blogspot.in/2012/04/outsourcing-contents-to-india.html

Mode of Payment

Q: What are the modes of payment?

A: For international clients, we prefer payments via Paypal or Western Union Money transfer. Indian clients can make a direct account transferor make payments through cheques.

Q: Do you charge in advance?

A: It depends on the nature and magnitude of the project. Feel free to drop a mail with your exact requirements at info@vcreatemedia.com